Selected Project – Commercial

The Nietzsche Documentation Centre in Naumburg, was designed to recognize the life and work of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. To honor Nietzsche’s daring intellectual nature, an innovative CLT design pushing the limits of structural engineering was chosen. The structure is made up of CLT frame elements that support glass curtain walls and the roof.  The frames are staggered longitudinally with the double roof panels working as elastic hinge elements within the horizontal diaphragm. To maximize the material, the pieces cut out of the panels were used as the horizontal connections between the frames and as the bearing for the glass elements. It was a great honor to be a part of this historically significant project.

Builder – Timber Construction:  Max Goebel: Metsawood –Merk GmbH – Aichach, Germany

Engineering timber construction:               Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Trautz

Timber design:                                              Timberline – Styxworks LLC